If you are thinking of buying a place of your own, a condo would make a great choice. It may not be something for everyone, but there are some great advantages to buying a condo. For example, you do not have to worry about some of the maintenance.

Nobody likes to shovel snow when it is minus 20…only to blink and it is all back again. While working in the yard may be relaxing, that’s not for everyone, especially if you’re busy. So, if you are someone who fancies a condo, you need to get yourself a real estate agent. Let’s take a look at how to choose the right one.

1. Full-time & Licensed

It would be better if you chose a professional who was not only licensed but is a full-time real estate agent. While there is nothing wrong with someone who works part-time only, it does mean that they may have other obligations and cannot devote their full attention to you. A part-time agent may have another job and may be more difficult to get hold of. They may also get back to you slower. A full-time real estate agent on the other hand will have more time for you and will also be more knowledgeable. They can accompany you to home showings when it suits you. Try to find out how long they have been in the business though. It’s preferable to have someone experienced.

2. Specializes In Condos

You can try to narrow down your search to just the agents who specialize in condos. Some real estate agents may be a jack of all trades and there’s nothing wrong in that. But wouldn’t it be better if your real estate agent was an expert in condos? Not only will they know the market inside out, but they can also help to set you up with other professionals such as a lawyer or a mortgage lender. If you need electricians or plumbers, they can probably recommend good ones as well, since they will have connections.

3. Manner & Attitude

When speaking with potential real estate agents, observe their manner and attitude. Get an overall sense about them. Do they come across as passionate in what they do? Do they seem positive and energetic? Do they appear to be knowledgeable? Trust your gut instinct. If you are not happy or comfortable, then do not use that agent. You have to like the person you work with. There must be a ‘connection’; communication should feel natural. Does the agent answer your questions or lowers your anxiety or stress? If they can do this for you, then it can be a great fit.

4. References

You should always ask that they provide references. This is a great way to find out more about them when you contact others who have worked with them. Former clients can give you some insight as to how knowledgeable and responsible they are. Were they patient, understanding or perhaps pushy? Make sure to call several of these references.

Find out how long they have been in business. Is their business successful? Would they be able to negotiate a better price for you? Can they recommend a good neighbourhood? The more you find out, the more you will feel confident in either hiring them or moving on to someone else.

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