You are looking at your options for child care for your little one and with so many options it can be difficult to decide on where would be the best spot for him/her. The following are 5 factors to consider when choosing child care, ensuring you choose the one where your son/daughter has the best chance to succeed.

1. Meals

You want your child to grow up healthy and a large part of this is getting the vitamins and nutrients they need. Therefore, when you are considering child care for your child, you need to pay close attention to snacks and meals they will eat while in attendance.

During your initial meeting with a child care provider, inquire about what meals they typically provide the children they look after. Also ask to see menu samples. Children need a good variety of meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy. If these are not present, chances are your child will not be able to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

2. Activities

While your child is more than content to watch television for a large majority of the day, he/she will not be stimulated by doing so. Any child care provider who will only plop your child in front of the television to keep him/her occupied should not be considered.

The child care provider that you choose should have a wide variety of different activities for your child to choose from. Activities such as puzzles, games, and books will challenge your child to problem-solve, learn, and think for himself/herself. The provider should also employ the use of music so your child can sing and learn coordination through dance. The television shows and movies that are shown should be educational and age-appropriate.

3. Interaction opportunities

Your child may enjoy the undivided attention they receive by their child care provider when they are the only child in attendance. However, this can lead to loneliness, boredom, and your child is robbed of the opportunity to make friends and learn how to socially interact with children of similar ages.

When exploring your options for a child care provider, inquire about other children who attend there as well as their ages. While interaction with children of all ages is beneficial, try to find a provider where children are around the same age as your child. This will give your child the opportunity to participate in activities with others and learn how to share. When he/she becomes old enough to attend school, the lessons and skills they learned at child care will give them a great head-start.

4. Provider

The child care provider and his/her staff will be the ones responsible for ensuring your child enjoys himself/herself when in attendance and keeps them safe from harm. As a result, you need to pay close attention to their mannerisms and attitude towards the work that they do.

 Before settling on a child care provider, meet all staff who will be involved with your child. Make sure they are welcoming and have positive, nurturing attitudes. If they do not, chances are your child will not enjoy being under their care. Request to observe the providers for a few hours. They should be interacting well with the children and participating in the activities with them instead of only watching or ignoring them.

5. Qualifications

Your child is your whole world and you want to make sure they are always safe and well looked after even when they are not in your care. As a result you need to confirm that the child care provider you choose is qualified to look after your little one.

When attending initial appointments with child care providers, ask to see any certificates that they have. At a minimum they should have fire training, First Aid, CPR, and nutrition courses. Any police checks should be free of any convictions and any previous work they have done with children is definitely an asset.

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