Mining companies want to work with a technology provider that can meet their diverse needs. From tracking the team underground to having immediate access to new data, a mining technology provider should do all this and more.

Here are three services a mining company should expect from an underground mining technology provider.

1. System Support

Hardware eventually needs replacing. Software systems need updating to fix bugs and implement new features that allow businesses to run efficiently. If problems arise on the job, staff members need quick access to support staff who can fully answer their queries and solve their problems.

The best mining technology providers understand these needs and the importance of having access to someone who can help. The underground mining software should include a demo that provides the team with a thorough understanding of the technology and demonstrate how it’s used with the mining company’s operations. The service staff should also provide 24/7 call centres for support that’s easily accessible, which is necessary when tough issues arise.

Find a service provider that works with the mine staff to ensure the system stays “good as new” and anything that needs to be fixed is repaired. Included warranties make replacing a faulty part a simple process, while keeping your company in line with the best product specs and mechanical fitness.

2. Real-Time Data Collection

Underground mining technology companies ensure your business maintains a seamless transition of information across its system. Data collected underground should be quickly and easily submitted to those working above ground.

Good mining technology providers will install the central server and ensure appropriate devices are working. This is important for data entry, accessing accurate amounts, and ensuring this information reports back to central. Their technology creates a problem-free flow of information between machines and humans, so team members can analyze data and issues faster than before.

It’s possible to gain a clear understanding of how machines are used and how they’re currently functioning, and predict suggestions to increase productivity. Mobile equipment telemetry (MET), for example, accomplishes these tasks, providing staff with real data directly from the equipment. The guessing game is eliminated when you have access to real-time monitoring of metres drilled, tons of ore hauled to the surface, and current product development. This technology provides management with a transparent view and strong return on investment.

Your business functions better when it has the right technology, and this is a service that technology providers should guarantee to mining companies. Their precise analytics and operational algorithms should enhance your business by giving you timely data collection, diving deeper into map levels, offering better detecting of small rock movements, and identifying any bottlenecks to ensure you’re always functioning at maximum productivity. Expert personnel combined with top-notch equipment serve to improve your business.

3. Enhanced Connectivity

Staying connected to those above ground is a challenge when you work underground. The provider you partner with should be able to ensure that the people below ground never lose touch with those working above. From voice transmissions to data transmissions, video signals, and more—the connection from the mine to the control station above shouldn’t waver. The best mining technology providers offer technical and mobile solutions for uninterrupted connectivity and communication throughout the entire mine.

A consistent connection equips workers with greater operating safety, keeping track of each other and equipment. Mining technology providers should include services for raising the allowance for resolving measures, initiating plans in case of emergency, and preventing mistakes or collisions from occurring. Shortened core support turnaround and dispatch response times make it easier to manage tasks and provide seamless operations.

Mining technology providers should ensure minimal disruption to mine staff while ensuring nobody misses a beat—regardless of whether they’re above or below the surface.


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