The chances of a customer giving you business in the future are slim to none if he/she places an order with you and it arrives late, damaged, or not at all. As a result, you need to do your research and be very careful about who you choose as your courier service.

While most services will advertise that they are the preferred choice and can offer you everything you need, the reality is some are definitely better than others. To ensure you choose a courier service that will allow you to service your customers as best as possible, there are certain factors that should be taken into consideration.

1. Delivery options

When customers purchase your products, you want to give them a few options for delivery. For example, if they reside in the same country you are in, you do not want to just offer international delivery that will cost them more than usual. Conversely, you also want to offer international rates especially if most of your business comes from online sales from all over the world.

When choosing a courier service, confirm that they can meet your expectations regarding delivery options and match them to what you state on your website and in your policies. At a minimum, you should have domestic, international rates, and express rates. Confirm with the company what speed is involved with each of these rates. You would hate to give a delivery estimate to determine later that the shipment was later than the date given.

2. Cost

If you are charging customers for shipping, you do not want to be out-of-pocket at all but at the same time make the cost worth-while or else people will not buy from you. If you are offering free shipping, you will be responsible for paying for shipping and therefore want the best deal possible. Either way you want to keep costs down.

When choosing a courier service, determine costs for all shipping methods and get estimates for weights and sizes of products you will typically be sending to customers. This will give you a good indication of whether the courier’s prices are reasonable. While price is important, you also do not want to go with the cheapest option either as you may be sacrificing quality of service in doing so.

3. Coverage

If you are like most other businesses in sales, you sell a lot of your products online. Because these customers that make online orders come from all areas of the Earth, you definitely want to make sure you are able to ship to them. If make an order and you are not able to get the item to them, he or she will be disappointed and you will lose out on a sale.

Before settling for a courier service, confirm what countries they ship to. Be mindful of where most of your customers reside as you want to make sure you can continue to ship to them or else you may see a decrease in your profits.

4. Reputation

The reputation of the courier service you choose is very important. The company needs to have stellar customer service towards you so shipments are hassle-free and towards your customers as they will be responsible for interacting with them when deliveries take place. The company you choose should also have a good reputation regarding delivery speeds and care. Otherwise, your customers will not get their items within the timeframe originally specified or damages may occur.

Before choosing a courier service, check their reputations through written reviews online and posts on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. These are written by individuals and companies who have used the service before and they usually give honest feedback.


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