Historically whenever an employee wanted a nice hot cup of coffee, they would brew it at the office or take a break and get one from a café. The arrival of office coffee companies has shifted this practice, allowing employees the benefit of good quality coffee delivered right to their workplaces.

More and more companies are turning to these coffee services to supply their employees with the boost of caffeine that keeps them satisfied, alert, and diligent. While having a coffee pot complete with all supplies needed does have its benefits, below are some advantages of hiring a coffee service to deliver fresh coffee daily to your business.

1. Variety

No coffee drinker is exactly the same and as a result there may be disagreements in your office if coffee is made on-site such as the strength of the brew and the kind that was made. Office coffee services offer a large variety of products to ensure every coffee drinker in your company is satisfied.

Whether an employee enjoys decaffeinated coffee, tea, light roast, or dark roast coffee a coffee service can accommodate these orders based on order forms completed by the employer in advance.

2. Convenient

A coffee delivery service gives your company the benefit of being able to customize their orders based on specified needs, meaning you can order as much or as little coffee as you need depending on the number of coffee drinkers in your office. Hiring the services equals a way for fresh coffee to come to you, removing the need for employees to take time away from their duties to brew a pot or leave the premises to purchase a cup.

Orders can be made or changed online as your needs change through the coffee company’s website for additional convenience.

3. Save money

You can supply the coffee, milk, cream, and sugar to employees and let them make it themselves but the cost of these things will add up significantly especially if they drink a lot of coffee. You also do not want the added expense of having to replace broken coffee pots or vending machines.

An office coffee service offers fresh, top-quality coffee and all supplies needed for a fraction of the price it would cost you to stock coffee and supplies regularly. Your office will not be required to have a coffee machine on site which would cost you hundreds of dollars to repair or replace if it is of decent quality.

4. Boosts morale

In a survey conducted, 86% of employees feel valued if their employer offers hot beverage services. This demonstrates the impact that offering an office coffee service can have on employee morale. Offering daily coffee services will show that your employees are appreciated and add an incentive to attend daily and work hard.

By hiring a coffee service you are expressing your gratitude to employees for the work that they do and it is a unique way of doing so.

5. Boosts productivity

Coffee has proven abilities to boost energy and make people feel more alert. As a result, the coffee itself will also give employees the caffeine needed to complete their duties, especially in the early morning and mid-afternoon when energy levels are low.

As mentioned previously, offering an office coffee service will remove the need for employees to take time away from their work to brew a pot of coffee or leave the office to purchase some. Instead, all an employee has to do is pour from a nearby coffee machine brought to the office from the coffee service, add their desired ingredients, and will be back completing their work in no time.


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