Natural products are becoming popular in today’s society. It is common talk amongst people. However, the switch from the usual products to all natural is not an easy step. Brands have been one of the major reasons that people stay committed to products so when it comes to switching, it is hard to give up a brand that is trusted for many years.

Going natural is known for its freeing and positive experience that many cannot see or experience unless they try and take that big step. We are so used to chemically treated hair or skin care products, while not realizing the damages it is causing. A simple natural oil or moisturizer can condition hair and nourish skin equally well without any harm. Most importantly it enriches and enhances your health.

Natural products work well with repairing, rejuvenating and refining the skin or body and ensures that there are no harsh chemicals applied. Products are carefully crafted using the finest ingredients derived from nature and are not subjected to scientific research than conventional medicines. Some good examples of natural products include coconut oil and essential oils.

Making the switch can be easy through a simple approach. It may take time to browse through health food stores and natural products might appear more expensive, but anyone who considers this change will not regret it.

1. Label ingredients

Reading the ingredients of a product is the first step to understanding whether it is natural or not. Avoid toxic and chemically treated products.

2. Replace products one at a time and when you run out

Transition to natural products as you run out of your current product such as body lotions, shampoos, toothpaste and shower gels. Gradually as you replace your products, you will notice a difference in your skin, body and overall health.

3. Research

It is important to understand the ingredients and what each ingredient does. First review your daily product and then compare it with the natural product you would like to switch to.

4. Packaging and advertising

Don’t get easily convinced by the pretty packaging or advertising of the product. The word ‘natural’ can be blindly trusted and many products lose the meaning of what is natural by using common terms such as “100 % natural” or “made with natural ingredients.” It is incorrect to think that because the product is from a natural source it is automatically safe to use as there are other risks for instance manufacturing defects or unfounded claims.  By thorough research, you will know what is good and natural, and will be able to make an informed decision as natural products are not always risk-free.

5. Licensed and approved by authorities

The best way to be sure of a product is to see if it is approved by health authorities.

There is no judgement with choosing to stay with non-natural products as the choice is completely left to the individual. An individual can be overwhelmed with all the information presented on why non-natural is not good for health. On the other hand, it is worthy to note that natural products can improve your health and at the same time save the environment. Whether it is skin or food products, it results in a healthy lifestyle and toxin-free living. Natural is always best!

6. Protecting the environment

By choosing organic and natural products you know for sure that there are no harmful chemicals used. The more natural products purchased, the more organic and natural products are produced and less chemicals such as pesticides used. This saves the environment and surrounding habitats. Most importantly such products are not tested on animals.


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