Any office space or showroom will provide a first impression to customers which is why it is important to ensure it is always spotless. With an untidy environment, you can lose valuable business. It can also discourage employees and reduce productivity. A clean environment will attract customers, regular client visits and will keep employees motivated at all times.

This is why a professional cleaning service is important. Your organization should select an experienced and customer oriented janitorial company to provide the best cleaning services. It is even better when they are certified professional cleaners who are trained and go beyond clients’ needs to guarantee satisfaction.

Here are the eight important factors to consider when hiring a professional janitorial company:

1. Professional Services

The company’s crew is respectful, always in uniform and trained with the latest commercial janitorial cleaning technologies. They are particular about the hygiene of your facility. They make sure when they complete their services, the environment is fresh and clean for everyone. Most importantly, the company has been operating for 20 years cleaning different types of premises. They know exactly what is needed and what type of clean technologies to apply to keep your organization looking perfect at all times.

2. Team

The crew members understand the organization’s space. Members assigned are screened, checked and bondable before they start working at your organization. They are knowledgeable on the products, equipment and cleaning techniques.

3. Bonded and Insurance

Insurance and bonding demonstrates that the company offers protection in the case of any unfavorable possibilities such as property damage, body injury and furniture damage. Also, because janitorial services work beyond normal business hours, they have bonding to safeguard the office property.

4. Competitive Pricing

It is not easy to find a janitorial service that can offer professionalism, insurance and bonding as well as green cleaning all at an affordable price. When you find a company that does all this at a price that your organization can afford, do not waste time trying to find comparable quotes. This type of janitorial company is transparent with all costs. Cheap may not always be the best option, but high prices do not always guarantee quality. Look at all factors offered along with the price to determine if the services are suitable.

5. Green Cleaning

A janitorial service that offers green cleaning means that they use equipment that is safer for human health and the environment. Their products are non-toxic, renewable or biodegradable. Green cleaning also protects the air within the environment. It can significantly reduce health problems and related costs.

6. Safety and Security

The janitorial service company takes the safety and security of your premises very seriously so they ensure that every crew member’s background is checked. They also ensure that staff are in uniform, so they are identifiable during the cleaning hours.

7. Availability

Your organization might need services in the morning, overnight or during lunch. A company meeting can leave the place untidy and therefore, a cleanup is required mid-day. A professional janitorial company offers flexibility. They are able to meet your business cleaning needs and work according to a schedule that is convenient for your business operations whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. Your organization can implement the cleaning services to suit the operational hours of your business without hindering operations or work productivity.

8. Confidence

Your organization can be 100% assured that the services you receive are professional, organized and well planned. They offer a range of services including window cleaning, maintenance and restoration in the cases of floods and fire. Additionally, green cleaning is applied and your environment stays fresh, clean and healthy for your employees and clients.


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