Serviced apartments are living quarters that are fully furnished and can be rented by vacationers or business travellers alike. They offer way more than hotel rooms and below are 5 reasons to consider one for your next trip.

1. Savings

If you are on a business trip you may be responsible for paying for your own expenses. If you are on a family vacation you have other things to pay for such as flights, rental cars, and extracurricular activities. As a result, you definitely want to keep costs down.

Serviced apartments are cheaper because discounts are often provided the longer you stay, unlike hotels that charge you more. Full kitchens will give you the opportunity to make meals as opposed to eating out at restaurants which can add up tremendously. Services such as heat, hydro, water, cable, and internet are all included, meaning you are able to pay one flat rate which saves you a lot of money and allows you to avoid any surprises on your final bill.

2. Amenities

When you are away you want to change things up a bit but at the same time enjoy the same luxuries as you do at home. For this reason, a serviced apartment should be considered.

Luxury serviced apartments provide many amenities that will make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. A full kitchen complete with appliances, silverware, and cookware will allow you to cook every meal for you and your family. Most units also come equipped with washers and dryers, entertainments systems, and comfortable furniture that will allow you to relax when you are not out and about. Housekeeping is provided on a schedule that works for you, guaranteeing that your room is kept fresh and clean.

3. Space

A business trip may mean you and a few co-workers sharing accommodations. A family trip means having to share space with your partner and children. Either way, you need some space to spread out.

Hotel rooms are notoriously cramped, consisting of one room and a bathroom. This means there is no space to spread out and relax in. Conversely, serviced apartments consist of a kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and a bathroom. As a result, everyone you are staying with has the luxury of spreading out which is important because being cramped into one room can be annoying, uncomfortable, and not enjoyable.

4. Flexibility

When booking accommodations, you should not bow down to rental companies and make concessions based on their rules. If they want your business they will offer arrangements that meet your needs. Lucky for you, most of them do.

Historically, serviced apartments were only rented to those staying a minimum of one week. Nowadays, most can be rented for as little as one night, allowing you to be comfortable and enjoy the amenities no matter how long you are staying for.  Serviced apartments are also flexible in terms of accommodation. Even if your unit only has one bedroom and you are hosting a guest, rooms are usually equipped with couches that fold out, allowing your guest to sleep comfortably.

5. Privacy

On a business trip where you are sharing accommodations with co-workers, you probably want an arrangement where you can have some privacy. On a family vacation, you may have a situation where smaller children may have different bedtimes and may need space to have naps during the day.

Serviced apartments are beneficial because they offer a great degree of privacy. Instead of one big hotel room, there are many different rooms, allowing people to do their own thing. Having separate bedrooms means everyone has their own private area and people resting or napping can have some peace and quiet.

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