You might have seen someone wearing a wooden watch and wondered…”but why”?” If you’ve fallen in love with the look of wooden watches and want to get one for yourself or as a gift, read on to learn eight shopping tips when you buy a wooden watch.

1. Made from Reclaimed or Recycled Wood or Bamboo

No trees are cut down to make these watches. One hundred percent of the wood used comes from recycled or reclaimed wood that has been selected for its source and quality. It is important to us that we support sustainable fashion and only positively contribute to the jewelry and fashion market.

If you are environmentally conscious and aware of the wasteful disposal of old wood from destruction or demolition, you will be proud to have a wooden watch on your wrist. Imagine a watch build from a centuries-old farmhouse or the cross beams of an old yacht. Bamboo is a great choice since it grows quickly and has a smaller carbon footprint than most traditional woods.

2. Many Wood Type choices

There are many wood types to choose from, ranging from Bamboo to Walnut, Olive, Rosewood, Teak, and Butternut, and many in between. Choose the wood based on your aesthetic preferences or get a couple in different shades of wood. You can even get them with different types of wood, like Green Sandalwood and Rosewood for even more visual impact!

3. Hypoallergenic

Many people cannot wear a watch because of metal allergy or sensitivity. Wooden watches will allow you to wear a watch in comfort. If you’re the type of person who can’t wear even fine jewelry with pure metals because of how your skin reacts, try a wooden watch.

4. Not Your Plain, Boring Sport Watch

Set yourself apart with an accessory that will always draw comments and compliments. Whether more casual and natural or ultramodern and formal, you will find a wooden watch in the right colour tone and perfect finish to complement any outfit.

5. No Two Wooden Watches Are Exactly Alike

With a wooden watch, you have the chance to wear something completely uncommon and unique. In this age of online copycat products, this opportunity is rare. When you put on a wooden watch, you will never meet someone with one identical to yours. No matter what brand, you can never get two wooden watches that are exactly the same, and that is a wonderful thing.

6. Wooden Watches Bring You Closer to Nature

Most of us are surrounded all day long by metal, glass, and technology. We have synthetic fabric, treated leather, plastic, and chemicals around us day in and day out. Most of our everyday products are made in a factory somewhere, and seem emotionless, processed, and sterile.

When you invite wood into your life, be it as a pen, a desk accessory, or a watch, we open up the part of us that is connected to nature in a world surrounded by artifice. We can’t always control our environment, but we can carry a little piece of nature with us on our wrists.

7. Watch Comes in a Cool Wooden Box

As an ecologically friendly company we like to send out all our watches in a super-cool wooden gift box. Use it for a gift to a friend or loved one or keep it around to keep your wooden watch in while you’re not wearing it. You can even have the box engraved with an inscription of your choice.

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