Working as a mobile app developer is a great job that also comes with a good salary. If you are interested in this career, you will be choosing a very good field with plenty of opportunities. Just think about how popular and widespread apps have become all over the world.

Many companies make millions of dollars as a result of apps, so it should not come as a surprise that developers want to be entitled to a piece of the pie. However, it can be a pretty long journey to get to the top, so let’s look at how you can become a mobile app developer.

1. Pick One Platform

In the app development world, there are several platforms that are used. These include Windows, IOS and Android. Though there are others, these are considered the big three. There is nothing wrong if you want to go for all three of them, but perhaps it would be better for now to just pick one. To narrow it down even further, you would be better off either choosing Android apps or IOS apps. Windows is not as lucrative to get into, although that can change. For now, pick one and concentrate on that. Later on, if you wish, you can expand your horizons to include others.

2. Education & Training

You will obviously need good education and training in software development processes to get into this field. Getting a degree in software engineering and computer science will be a very good foundation. This will enable you to understand programming, data structuring and designing concepts. There are also online courses in app development.

3. Three Core Concepts

It is important to master the three core concepts in app development. These are:

  • Mobile user interface design – Remember, it starts with design. Learning to code an interface is the beginning of your journey and your career growth.
  • Programming – You have to take algorithms and translate it into codes. If you know codes, you can easily grasp other languages. Programming is an important part of developing mobile apps, but so are the languages, of which you will need to learn a few. Some of these include Javascript, HTML5, Java and C++ . Another language known as Swift by Apple is also becoming popular.
  • Business expertise – This may surprise you, but it is absolutely relevant. This is where the money is at. Being able to monetize an app is important. Part of this is to place restrictions on an apps so that if the user wants more, they will have to pay for it. Another important aspect is trying to make a user spend as much time on the app as possible.

4. Hone Your Skills

You need to practice your mobile app development skills to stay sharp. The worst thing is to learn something and due to lack of practice, you start losing this knowledge. Constant code practice, development and programming are important, so keep at it!

You can now apply for an internship in an app company and start making apps. You’ll also be making money! An internship is good for you to learn and develop even further. You will be a part of organizing and implementing projects. This is just the beginning to a very rewarding career.


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