A top quality field service management software offers many benefits for field staff and companies. It can improve productivity and boost profits. Any type of business that is engaged in field work can profit from this management software. They can increase service revenues by 13% and profitability by 17%. One of the advantages of implementing a top quality field service management software such as this is that it offers a modular solution. This way your organization only pays for what they need. You can easily add features over time as your organization’s needs grow and they undertake more specialized tasks.

Here are the features that a top quality software offers:

1. Technician scheduling

With this feature, your field staff are at the right appointments and are always on schedule. Technical scheduling improves customer experience, reduces risks of callbacks and increases service efficiency. Field staff can use this software to manage their everyday visits with the clients remotely without any inefficiency or having to visit the office daily. They can be productive and can serve more clients in a short period of time.

2. Mobile field service

Information on customers, service notes and updates on service information can all be accessed via a mobile device, tablet or laptop. Technicians can truly be mobile and service more clients in a day. This feature will surely help any business improve efficiency and overall response time.

3. Integrating accounts

The integration feature allows your organization to integrate with other business systems such as the organization’s accounting system. Your organization can retain its existing accounting system which can be seamlessly integrated with your field management software. This feature makes it easy to export billing information and eliminate double entries. Field staff do not even have to switch programs.

4. Management reporting

Reporting is simple and can be categorized depending on the information your organization is looking for. The software can collate and organize this information with a click of a button. Your organization can acquire insights on contract performance and even which customers are most active in the business. The software allows you to analyze your organization’s performance, productivity and profitability. Information can be exported into regular applications such as MS Word and Excel.

5. Automated contract management

A top quality software eliminate waste, while boosting efficiency. It will help to manage the client’s contract with its automated functions. Any organization can eliminate revenue losses as the software aligns billing with the contract terms. Customers automatically receive their invoices at the end of the month.

6. Document management

Documents for each client and contract are all stored in the software. This way your field staff can quickly access information, find documents and pull out customer information. If your organization has an existing document management system, the field management software can easily integrate with this system. Your field staff can access deficiency reports, equipment images and other reports instantly even during field work. No time is wasted on searching for relevant documents.

7. Intelligent inventory management

Your organization reduces the number of customer visits by having the exact inventory for field staff when needed. Inventory control and tracking can be undertaken remotely. This efficiency will ensure cash is not tied up in excess inventory. Your organization will immediately be able to improve the first call success rates.

8. Preventive maintenance

Equipment maintenance is kept on track through an automated function and as soon as the contract information is entered into the system. The software increases efficiency, customer satisfaction and always keeps equipment up-to-date on maintenance. The software provides a warning light to field technicians on their mobile screens when equipment is due for maintenance.


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